Saturday, April 23, 2011

my first post (new first post)

This is my new blog, yes.

I used to have a blog under the same address, yes.

I deleted my old one with all the old entries, yes.

Wait, does it really make this my new blog or it’s still my former one but with new posts? I don’t know. I guess it is.

If life was this easy, to erase those unwanted memories, to create and instill new thoughts without considering the last one will still linger, to pretend as if nothing important or heartbreaking had ever happened, I think people will be as carefree and as ignorant as ever. And most crucial, people will never learn. Luckily it’s not how life works, thank God.

I don’t know why I decided to write again, and even though I know I’m really bad at it, I, personally choose to write again. May be I’ll end up rambling and venting, but it is who I am, it is how I express.

Or may be I just want to stay updated, stay within the reachable locus. Example, if there were friends asking,

Weh, apa cerita ijat/izzati sekarang?

There will be answers, such;

Ha aku pun tak tau la, tapi aku ada jugak dok baca blog dia. Dia ok2 ja kot, busy belajaq kot.

tehee. I love to dramatise.

Above all, I may not be able to write much, but I can promise a post per month, minimal. With this, I hope I'm still gonna be remembered, had some part in your life, and won't be totally forgotten. I'm the type that do not forget people easily, so no matter how distant I may be or look, deep inside I still acknowledge all of u as friends, somebody that i will never forget, Insyaaallah.

So, keep in touch.

Love, Izzati.

nota kaki: i could not fall asleep last night, not even a single doze, so does it explains my wackiness right now? or I'm not weird, at all? alright i should stop.

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